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Backed by a team of industry veterans, RHT DigiCapital has the capabilities to manage sought-after thematic funds for discerning global investors.

We are pursuing a thematic fund that aims to invest in ideas that would propel digital finance forward, aligning with the aspirations of tomorrow. By connecting traditional capital markets to the new economy, we are bridging the gaps to open new possibilities.


The fund will focus on investments that aim to contribute positively to the betterment of society and the economy and align with the tenets of ESG, which includes but not limited to, supply chain management solutions and green technologies.

The fund will look to structure alternative asset classes into investable products to meet the demands of traditional investors who are looking for new opportunities.

The fund will seek to participate in new opportunities presented in the ongoing digitalisation movement of major economies around the world as well as developments within the blockchain space.


Investment ideas will still be aligned with the traditional objective of maximising stakeholder returns and portfolio Sharpe ratio.

The fund will take bold steps and respond nimbly to new opportunities, with the agility to respond with adjustments within the parameters of our strategies when necessary.

The fund will seek out necessary expertise within and collaborate with established players to run investments in an effort to take only calculated risks.

Built on Trust, Powered by ONERHT

Trust and transparency form the foundation of our business in a rapidly growing sector that has attracted malicious operators. We are committed to industry standards to ensure minimum requirements are met across security, privacy, identification management and interoperability through accreditation and governance. These standards are part of a set of best practices which provide a common framework for ecosystem participants to build greater trust, giving you the confidence to invest in the digital future.

We implement rigorous AML/KYC processes to ensure regulatory compliance and believe that regulatory scrutiny on digital assets will help accelerate mainstream adoption in the near future.

RHT DigiCapital’s business segments are integrated into the ONERHT universe of multidisciplinary professional services brands, enabling collaborative and complementary solutions for clients while also opening new possibilities for clients to participate and invest in a new array of digital finance procuts.

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Management Team

Ben Tai, CFA, CPA (Aust)

Cheah Zhuo En, CFA