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RHT DigiCapital is a Singapore-based Registered Fund Management Company, licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, with the objective of optimising returns to investors while having the awareness towards a sustainable future. We aspire to be a major regional player within the sustainability and alternative asset space.

Led by a team of industry veterans, we have vast experience, strong expertise, and high reliability to manage sought-after thematic funds for discerning global investors. We also provide exclusive access to new investment opportunities within the green space, debt, and equity private markets, as well as alternative asset classes.


  • Mortgage-backed Private Debt
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  • Equity Investment


Investment ideas will still be aligned with the traditional objective of enhancing stakeholder returns, based on the relevant risk profile.

The fund will take decisive steps and respond nimbly to new opportunities, with the agility to respond with adjustments within the parameters of our strategies when necessary.

The fund will seek out necessary expertise within and collaborate with established players to manage investments in an effort to take into consideration prudent risk management.

Institutional Compliance & Risk Management

We are committed to industry best practices to give you the confidence to invest for tomorrow. We implement rigorous Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes to ensure regulatory compliance.

RHT DigiCapital identifies, assesses, and monitors investment risks which may arise from its business and investment strategies to align risk objectives of each fund.

We also comply with MAS regulations and ensure that the firm’s policies and procedures are aligned with the interests of our clients.

ESG-Conscious Strategies

We adhere to globally accepted ESG standards in our day-to-day fund management activities.

We also work closely with established third-party ESG consultants to ensure that investment projects fulfil relevant ESG outcomes, including:

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