RHT DigiCapital


We develop blockchain powered platforms
to facilitate secondary markets

Participate in next-gen fundraising across multiple asset classes

We manage thematic funds to support your investment strategy

Invest confidently on our platform that’s built on trust

We support charitable causes to give back to the community
We align ourselves with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
We are stronger together with an ever expanding partner ecosystem

We help people better understand the digital future of finance

Integrated network of multidisciplinary professional services for future forward solutions

DIGITAL Dealmakers

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We collaborate with non-traditional asset players to tokenise sought-after assets with the option of fractional ownership under a fund structure. This is made possible by proprietary blockchain technology with proven application in a regulated environment.

Traditional asset owners can look forward to new ways of monetising their assets through STOs or diversifying their wealth portfolio through investments in our growing array of future-forward products.

With solutions designed for the digital future of finance, we believe our operations must also align with the aspirations of tomorrow. As a sustainable and responsible business, we continue to proactively promote the following:

We are committed to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals throughout our operations:

  • Gender Equality
  • Decent Work & Economic Growth
  • Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
  • Climate Action
  • Partnerships for the Goals

We continue to expand our partner ecosystem and leverage existing infrastructure, products and services to deliver an integrated suite of collaborative solutions for clients.

We are committed to supporting meaningful causes by giving back to the community, achieving purposeful growth through positive change in line with the RHT Rajan Menon Foundation’s mission.

We are committed to helping more people better understand the digital future of finance and the role we can play for the global investment community

Going Global with Pioneering Products

RHT DigiCapital will structure alternative asset classes into investable products to meet the demands of traditional investors who are looking for new digital investment opportunities with a structured approach. Our three key business segments, blockchain solutions, STOs, and fund management, complement each other to accelerate the growth of our deal pipeline, investor pool and new array of products.

Built on Trust, Powered by ONERHT

Trust and transparency form the foundation of our business in a rapidly growing sector that has attracted malicious operators. We are committed to industry standards to ensure minimum requirements are met across security, privacy, identification management and interoperability through accreditation and governance. These standards are part of a set of best practices which provide a common framework for ecosystem participants to build greater trust, giving you the confidence to invest in the digital future.

We implement rigorous AML/KYC processes to ensure regulatory compliance and believe that regulatory scrutiny on digital assets will help accelerate mainstream adoption in the near future.

RHT DigiCapital’s business segments are integrated into the ONERHT universe of multidisciplinary professional services brands, enabling collaborative and complementary solutions for clients while also opening new possibilities for clients to participate and invest in a new array of digital finance procuts.

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We develop blockchain powered platforms to facilitate secondary markets for previously illiquid assets, including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This will open new opportunities and better access for investors.

Built on blockchain technology, NFTs are digital deeds for physical and digital assets. They allow users to have ownership in the digital realm, ready for the new reality of Web 3.0.

Our marketplace will facilitate NFT trading to bridge the gap between traditional and digital economies, eliminating existing inefficiencies. Users will be able to own, transact and lease assets without physical carry cost associated with taking possession of the physical good/service.

Backed by the AlDigi Group’s extensive expertise and experience and traditional capital markets and digital asset exchanges, we deliver integrated STO solutions for next-gen fundraising.

Traditional Asset Classes:

  • Real Estate & Properties
  • Gold & Other Precious Metals

Non-Conventional Asset Classes

  • Luxury Assets (such as Whiskey & Watches)
  • Intellectual Property
  • Strata Titles
  • Shipping Vessels

Backed by a team of industry veterans, we have the capabilities to manage sought-after thematic funds for discerning global investors.

Our Capabilities:

  • Deal Sourcing
  • Deal Financing
  • Investment Management


  • ESG/Green
  • Property
  • Non-Traditional Assets

Management Team

Ben Tai, CFA, CPA (Aust)

Cheah Zhuo En, CFA

Why work With Us?

With our proven expertise ad experience,
we bring you a new world of digital asset solutions and opportunities.

Expanded origination and distribution access

Trust advantage with more choices

High Growth Potential

Greater issuer adoption of tokenisation

Our Technology

We provide a secure, scalable and efficient technology platform with the highest level of trust and compliance.

With our deep expertise in distributed ledger technology, AlDigi is able to develop customised solutions for clients across tokenisation, custody and smart contracts.

EVM-based Smart Chain

Run on any EVM-compatible blockchain, e.g. Ethereum mainnet, private chains, or Binance Smart Chain for faster settlement and lower transaction costs.


Plugged into the global asst management ecosystem with full compatibility for listing and secondary trading.


On-chain segregation
(“hybrid ledger”) of assets allowing for records being independently auditable, and for tokens to be held off-exchange.

STO Portal

Unlock value and raise funds with Security Token Offerings through our secure and compliant platform.

True DeFi Compatibility

Full ERC-20 compliance for compatibility, offering plug and play with borrowing & lending DeFi platforms.