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RHT DigiCapital is a Singapore-based registered fund management company focused on ESG conscious strategies with an eye on the future to deliver sustainable returns.

Led by a team of industry veterans, we have the experience and expertise to manage sought-after thematic funds for discerning global investors, opening new investment opportunities across real estate, alternative asset classes, as well as green solutions.

We are a subsidiary of AlDigi Holdings, an associated brand of the ONERHT platform of multidisciplinary professional services.


The fund will focus on investments that aim to contribute positively to the betterment of society and the economy and align with the tenets of ESG, which includes but not limited to, supply chain management solutions and green technologies.

The fund will look to structure alternative asset classes into investable products to meet the demands of traditional investors who are looking for new opportunities.

The fund will seek to participate in new opportunities presented in the ongoing digitalisation movement of major economies around the world as well as developments within the emerging technology space.


Investment ideas will still be aligned with the traditional objective of enhancing stakeholder returns, based on the relevant risk profile.

The fund will take decisive steps and respond nimbly to new opportunities, with the agility to respond with adjustments within the parameters of our strategies when necessary.

The fund will seek out necessary expertise within and collaborate with established players to manage investments in an effort to take into consideration prudent risk management.

Institutional Compliance & Risk Management

We are committed to industry best practices to give you the confidence to invest for tomorrow. We implement rigorous Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti- Money Laundering (AML) processes to ensure regulatory compliance.

RHT DigiCapital identifies, assesses, and monitors investment risks which may arise from its business and investment strategies to meet the risk tolerance of each fund.

We also comply with MAS regulations and ensure that the firm’s policies and procedures are aligned with the interests of our clients.

ESG-Conscious Strategies

Our ESG-focused funds have clear ESG objectives based on globally-accepted standards.

We work closely with ESG consultants to ensure that investment projects fulfil relevant ESG outcomes while minimising risks, this includes:

  • Negative screening in reviewing a project to assess any prohibitive element that is pre-determined by the investment mandate
  • Assessing the activities of the project and the ESG issues that the project addresses. This step includes determining indicators and assessment boundaries after confirming that the project deals with the investment mandate’s ESG pillars, which may include emissions, energy, materials, and water.
  • Measuring the indicators and setting baseline. At this step, the assessment team collects relevant information and data from candidates, and the investment team determines whether to invest by comparing the calculated result with the scorecard.
  • Monitoring the annual ESG performance of invested project

Management Team

Chia Yew Nguan


Cheah Zhuo En, CFA