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Innovation holds the key to success. Through RHT i-Assets Advisory, our clients have been able to identify, acquire or create intellectual property assets, protect and manage them, and, ultimately gain returns from investments in these assets. We work with a global network of partners to help our clients unlock the potential of their IP assets from ideation to commercialisation.

Whatever you need at any stage of your IP value chain life cycle, we are with you. Together with our network of partners, we are your one-stop go-to IP partner.

What We Do

Entrust all your IP registration needs with us. We handle trademark registrations, patent drafting, patent filings, design rights registration, prosecution matters, opposition matters, etc.

Acquiring IP assets can be tricky and tedious. Many factors need to be considered. Which assets to acquire, how much are these assets worth. What documents are needed to ensure assignment of rights. How best to negotiate. Our team of professionals are well-versed to make this process go smoothly.

We advise on the most effective protection mechanisms and manage the entire filing process from search, drafting, registration, prosecution, to maintenance. We also advise on appropriate measures to safeguard IP rights, guide through processes to ensure IP rights are enforced and respected, and defend against allegations of infringement.

Beyond traditional IP consultancy services, we are looking ahead into the metaverse and exploring new frontiers of digital and virtual assets. The growing popularity of NFTs reflect the acceptance of blockchain as an enabler for creators and innovators.

RHT i-Assets Advisory provides the added compatibility to commercialise IP assets, enabling the AlDigi Group to tokenise both tangible and intangible assets for a new class of digital assets. Tokenisation of IP will help transform IP to be more easily sold, traded, commercialised or monetised, bringing new liquidity to this asset class for investors, innovators and creators. In addition, the tokenisation of copyrighter material can unlock value for the art, culture, sports, media and entertainment industries. We offer added value through our partner exchanges, providing a venue for secondary trading and an exit option.