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Trademark Advisory

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RHT i-Assets Advisory is a trademark consultancy firm which offers a range of trademark and advisory services, specialising in guiding clients on the strategic application of trademarks to support business growth. We conduct in-depth analyses with the goal to ensure our clients’ investments in trademarks are both protected and augmented, with insights into untapped opportunities aligned with their aspirations.

What We Do

Comprehensive support throughout the entire registration process, including trademark searches, application preparation and monitoring.

Trademark asset identification, valuation, and strategic guidance on optimising their trademark portfolio.

Trademark asset identification and valuation, formulating trademark strategies, and outlining steps to achieve said strategies.

Identifying and evaluating intellectual property assets using advanced technology and data analysis techniques, helping clients comprehend the competitive landscape, and identifying potential partners, licencees, or acquisition targets.

Reviewing target trademark portfolios, evaluating trademarks based on market trends, assisting with negotiations, and facilitating post-acquisition integration.

Identifying target trademarks, and evaluating their strength, value, and potential risks.

Strategic planning, portfolio and risk management, and monetisation through licensing and franchising arrangements.

Beyond traditional IP consultancy services, we are looking ahead into the metaverse and exploring new frontiers of digital and virtual assets. The growing popularity of NFTs reflect the acceptance of blockchain as an enabler for creators and innovators.

RHT i-Assets Advisory provides the added compatibility to commercialise IP assets, enabling the AlDigi Group to tokenise both tangible and intangible assets for a new class of digital assets. Tokenisation of IP will help transform IP to be more easily sold, traded, commercialised or monetised, bringing new liquidity to this asset class for investors, innovators and creators. In addition, the tokenisation of copyrighter material can unlock value for the art, culture, sports, media and entertainment industries. We offer added value through our partner exchanges, providing a venue for secondary trading and an exit option.