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Conceptualised as a unique platform for ESG-friendly NFTs and NFTs backed by physical luxury assets, Verdant’s mission is to help investors own more effortlessly and become the world’s go-to marketplace for NFTs.

Verdant aims to develop high quality NFTs with tangible collectible assets and bring NFTs to the mainstream. It will promote greater market involvement, help develop the incredible innovation that NFTs represent, and deliver the best experience for its clients.

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Why Verdant?

When you buy NFTs on Verdant’s marketplace, you claim ownership of the NFTs and the physical luxury assets associated, without having to actually hold them. Physical luxury assets tagged to NFTs that we mint will be stored in a bond-secured warehouse until you are ready to redeem them. In doing so, the authenticity of the luxury assets is secured, and you will also save on costs such as packaging, storage, insurance, logistics, and any applicable taxes.

User Verification Safeguards

Low Fees

Authenticated by Established Vendors

End-to-end Logistics

Secured Storage in Bonded Warehouse

Sustainability Focused

Curation of Exclusive Items

Connect with Like-minded Collectors

NFTs Tagged to Luxury Assets

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