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Verdant Collections


Verdant operates a luxury collectibles marketplace which facilitates trading, investment and storage of authentic luxury items such as rare whisky, in the form of digital tokens. Each token acts as a digital certificate of ownership to individual luxury item. Moving forward, Verdant intends to expand its offerings to include collectibles such as fine wine, luxury watches and luxury bags

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Why Verdant?

When you buy collectibles on Verdant, you take ownership of the item without going through the hassle and pain points of physical collecting. The physical item will be stored in a bonded and secured warehouse in Singapore until you are ready to redeem them. In doing so, the condition and authenticity of the items can be protected, and you will also save on costs such as packaging, storage, insurance, logistics, and any applicable taxes.

User Verification Safeguards

Low Fees

Authenticated by Established Vendors

End-to-end Logistics

Secured Storage in Bonded Warehouse

Sustainability Focused

Curation of Exclusive Items

Connect with Like-minded Collectors

Luxury Assets with Real World Value

Additional Services

Leveraging on our internal processes and technological capabilities, we offer marketplace building services to businesses. This includes identifying optimal marketplaces for item listings, managing the entire listing process, and providing advisory services on structuring, pricing, and legal and regulatory considerations. Each project starts with understanding the client's specific needs, and then providing tailor-made solutions, including the ongoing support for the end-product.

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